It’s been a minute since we heard from Teenage Fanclub—you know, ever since Norman Blake went off and changed his name to Jonny. Now TF singer/songwriter/bassist Gerard Love is following suit by forming a super (or at least super cool) group of Glasgow musicians to help him perform new material as Lightships, a fresh batch of indie pop as sparkly as its name suggests.
Love’s melodic warmth will be joined on the group’s debut album. Electric Cables, by Teenage Fanclub guitarist Dave McGowan, former Teenage Fanclub drummer Brendan O’Hare, Belle And Sebastian bassist Bob Kildea and flutist (yes! flute!) Tom Crossley of International Airport and the Pastels. Electric Cables is due out on April 2 via Geographic, but you can sneak a peak with this video for album opener “Two Lines” right here. Spoiler alert: It kinda sounds like Teenage Fanclub.

Tracklist For Electric Cables:
01. Two Lines
02. Muddy Rivers
03. Sweetness In Her Spark
04. Every Blossom
05. Silver And Gold
06.The Warmth Of The Sun
07. Girasol
08. Stretching Out
09. Photosynthesis
10.Sunlight To The Dawn