Teddybears and Robyn are holding a karaoke party in a heart monitor and want you to come along. Ok, they’re pulling you along. The collaboration’s video for the single “Cardiac Arrest” is like a grown-up version of the sing-along videos you used to watch when you were a kid, all set in what’s supposed to be an EKG, while images of hearts, cars and (of course) bear heads appear throughout.

We never see Robyn or Teddybears, but are led on by the lyrics on the screen that move around the setting. The images follow the music as the lyrics only appear as they’re sung, and the picture gets distorted with every guitar riff. The picture rarely stays in one place, moving viewers forward, sideways or spiraling downward as if they were on an amusement park ride.

The Swedish bear head-wearing trio has certainly evolved from its start as a grindcore group. “Cardiac Arrest” comes from the group’s 2010 release Devil’s Music (Sony), the follow up to its 2006 U.S. debut, Soft Machine (Big Beat).