Tame Impala is not the type of band that prides itself on spewing out bits of random material in between album releases in an attempt to keep their fans hungry for more. This is probably why something as minor as an early demo is enough to keep us temporarily sated. In releasing an early recording of Feels Like We Only Go Backwards last night, Tame Impala has given us a behind-the-scenes look at what does (or does not) go into crafting a widely-revered indie rock song.
2012’s Lonerism was the product of frontman Kevin Parker isolating himself in an apartment in France, where he composed a bulk of the songs with the help of various substances and a particular midi controller piano. The skeletal demo, which appears to consist of the song’s current chorus repeated on a loop, gives fans a surreal window into hearing the lazily-recorded inception of what would later become one of the band’s defining songs. Even though this demo was not initially intended for public ears, it still contains those dreamy electronic breezes that listeners tend to associate with the band’s transcendent, psychedelic sound. While Tame Impala unearthed the old recording in a tweet that read “going through some old shit… came across this!”, it’s clear that fans will react a lot more seriously to hearing the birth of a song that soundtracked a large portion of 2012 for them. Listen below.