Following the February release of its last full-length album, The Past, The Present And The Possible, the French indie-pop band Tahiti 80 has just dropped a music video for “Easy.” After teaming up with director Daisuke Kitayama for two of the band’s previous videos, the same collaborative forces recently returned to produce a near-perfect visual pairing to this playful, upbeat track.

By using stop-motion animation through a world of miniature figurines, toy cars, and bright colors and designs, the simplicity of the video lends the feeling that it is a direct interpretation of the sound. Black-and-white patterns transform into dense colorful thought bubbles as the music builds from an empty breakdown into a full-force return to the chorus. It almost seems as if Kitayama created an elaborate iTunes visualizer driven by the track’s sound.

The use of animation is anything but foreign to Tahiti 80’s video repertoire as Kitayama continues to create beautiful and entertaining visuals without invading the music’s significance. Check out the video below.