Fuck, I love Swearin’. The Philly four-piece, featuring Allison Crutchfield (ex-P.S. Eliot) and Keith Spencer (Waxahatchee) released its self-titled debut last year, and it’s like the best parts of angry garage rock, toothache-y twee, and slick folk rolled into one awesome thing that I can listen to all at once. Lucky for me (and all y’all) the band has announced its sophomore effort, Surfing Strange, out November 5 via Salinas Records.
Along with this Friday upshot is a new track from the band, Watered Down. It’s a grungy little taste of what’s to come, with Kyle Gilbride’s drawling monotone plodding over agitated guitars and a sleepy bassline. Seems appropriate the band is also appearing on a 7-inch of Guided By Voices covers. Stream Watered Down and check out the Surfing Strange tracklist, below.

Tracklist For Surfing Strange:
01. Dust In The Gold Sack
02. Watered Down
03. Mermaid
04. Parts Of Speech
05. Melanoma
06. Echo Locate
07. Loretta’s Flowers
08. Glare Of The Sun
09. Unwanted Place
10. Young
11. Curdled