U.K. producer Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, has shared his new album, Beautiful Rewind, on Soundcloud. While just yesterday the record didn’t even have a release date, today a few choice U.K. hotspots have physical copies, and the album is scheduled for a stateside drop on October 15. Pretty exciting, eh? The release is much appreciated, after all, we’ve been waiting for a compilation of all-new Four Tet material since 2010’s There Is Love In You. The album will be available via Hebden’s TEXT Records. Get your proggy glitch on, below.

Tracklist For Beautiful Rewind:
01. Gong
02. Parallel Jalebi
03. Our Navigation
04. Ba Teaches Yoga
05. Kool FM
06. Crush
07. Buchla
08. Aerial
09. Ever Never
10. Unicorn
11. Your Body Feels