What happens when you put a cabaret singer, a dark fantasy author, a pianist and an indie guitar player in the same room and force them to collaborate on an album? This is not a joke: Amanda Palmer (formerly of the Dresden Dolls, now solo), Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds and Damian Kulash (of OK Go) aim to find out. During this year’s Rethink Music convention, held in Boston from April 25-27, they will collaborate to write and record eight songs in eight hours.

Their goal, in part, is to challenge the idea that record companies are still a necessary element of making and distributing music. Said Gaiman in a press release, “I’m excited and nervous both because there is so much room for things to go wrong and because it shows people how art is actually made. Or would actually be made if you locked three songwriter performers and an author in a box for a day and forced them to collaborate with Twitter to craft and record songs.”

Aside from involving a rather unusual combination of artists, the endeavor will also be an interesting moment for social media as well. The project will be broadcast live from the recording studio on Rethink Music’s website, and Palmer and Gaiman, both of whom have massive Twitter followings, plan to crowd-source musical suggestions from their fans. All eight songs will be released a mere 10 hours later, and money earned from downloads during the first week will go to support Berklee City Music, a program which provides free music education to teenagers.