Summer Camp put out a new video yesterday for a new song, “You Might Get Stuck On Me,” commissioned by 17 Cosmetics. The vid is part of a series called “17 make-up songs,” where 17 bands contribute a song and a video linked to a specific product. Summer Camp got magnetized nail polish. And while the video has many hands in it, there is nary an applicator put to nail. A flock of super-stretched arms flutters around a retro living room—note the Twister mat on the floor—while a couple in pastel sweatshirts watches TV. That’s about as far as we’ll go trying to analyze it. The song is as good as any of Summer Camp’s offerings from its debut, Welcome To Condale. Elizabeth Sankey sings dreamily against Jeremy Warmsley’s ’80s synth riffs and beats. You can download the song in exchange for a Facebook like here. We’d say it’s a fair trade.[/vimeo]