London synth-pop duo Summer Camp unveiled a new video for a cut off of its recent full-length LP, Welcome To Condale. “Losing My Mind,” the third single off the album, will also have a digital release March 19. It comes bundled with an acoustic version and remixes from the likes of Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross and St. Etienne.
Keeping with the band’s fixation on certain washed-up elements of American culture, the video has Summer Camp taking part in a shopping mall photo shoot, along with assorted goofballs, Awkward Family Photos-style. Check out the video and tracklist for the single below.

Tracklist For “Losing My Mind” Single:
01. Losing My Mind (Original)
02. Losing My Mind (Acoustic Version)
03. Losing My Mind (Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross Remix)
04. Losing My Mind (Saint Etienne Remix)