Photo by James Damion

New Jersey’s pop-punk four-piece Stuyvesant is releasing its second full-length album, Fret Sounds (Dromedary), on June 14, three years after the group’s LP debut. A play on words of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, Stuyvesant’s upcoming release features its signature catchy riffs that take you on a ride through its stomping grounds.

Sean Adams, Ralph Malanga, Pete Martinez and B. Musikoff created Stuyvesant by combining ’90s acts Footstone and Friends, Romans, Countrymen. The group released its debut EP, Quit More Often, in 2005 and followed it up with a debut full-length, Linden Calling, in 2008 before signing with Dromedary.

Peppered with references to the Jersey landscape—including its own name taken from a Journal Square liquor store where Adams worked as a teenager—the punk sound of Stuyvesant has been compared to that of the Descendants, the Replacements and even takes influence from the Clash. The band will host an album release show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ, on June 11 featuring Those Darlins.

Tracklist For Fret Sounds:

01. Clyde
02. Johnny Tinnitus
03. Duly Noted
04. Let’s Talk Topography
05. St. Cloud
06. Bish Dub
07. Neato
08. Bullfrog
09. Ever
10. Cimarron, NM