The wait is over for new tracks from the very excellent Graveyard Lovers. The Brooklyn duo’s five-song, self-titled EP hit iTunes over the weekend, and below you can stream two of Zach Reynolds and Trisha Purvis’ newest songs: “Urban Blues” and “Burn The Malls.” The tracks are in keeping with the EP’s themes of economic and social collapse, which as days go by seem more and more a reality than just a grim prediction. “Urban Blues” takes us deeper into singer Reynolds’ American Dream. “The world around me is a rainy place to live,” he sings. Plainly, he’s fed up. There is, however, a balance in the song. Hope is hiding in the lyrics and in Reynolds’ flat-out rejection of evil, hypocrisy and conformity. When he says, “I don’t want what you’re selling,” he means it.
02 Urban Blues by Graveyard Lovers
“Burn The Malls” has more of a wit to it, a darkly humorous vision of revenge on the malls of America. “See I’m a man in America/and I took my fall/when the foundations crumble/we’ll burn the shopping malls” sings Reynolds; you can almost see gleeful rioters, torches and firebombs in hand. Tempo is key in these tracks with “Urban Blues” played at a quicker pace with stops and starts that’ll jostle you as hard as the lyrics. It’s an anxious, meditative song. “Burn the Malls” on the other hand is played nice and slow; you’ll never hear someone else talk so calmly about burning a building down. Both songs are part of that bold GL signature—one you’ll be seeing at Gutter in Williamsburg on Friday, November 11 for the Lovers’ EP release.
04 Burn The Malls (mp3-master audio) by Graveyard Lovers
Soon you’ll get the chance to hear even more new songs, which the band tells us is part of a full-length album it’ll be working on this fall and into winter. Recording is slated for spring and release for the beginning of summer. Stay tuned and keep GL on your radar.