While Australian psychedelic rock group Tame Impala may not be releasing its new album Lonerism until October 9 in the U.S. (October 5 in Australia and October 8 in Europe/U.K.), the entire album is now available for streaming. Check it out, below.

Following its successful 2010 debut Innerspeaker, Tame Impala’s newest release retains some of that record’s stylistic tics, including the vintage lo-fi sounds and extensive use of bass. On Lonerism, the band decides to experiment with the auditory chemistry a bit further, using otherworldly sounding samples to complement the group’s burgeoning pop instincts.
The album’s highlights include “Apocalypse Dreams,” a walk down ’60s-retro-pop-lane featuring hazy waves of synth melodies alongside danceable basslines, and “Elephant,” a simple track that puts the listener in the pilot seat of an elephant during its thunderous morning stroll in an African jungle. Lonerism can give your day the upbeat boost you need or provide you with the soundtrack for a (drug-aided?) visit to some distant astral plane. Take your pick.