Photo by Timothy Navarro

Starred is the duo of Matthew Koshack and Liza Thorn, who play hazy psych-rock songs with country-folk underpinnings (and take some vocal pointers from Courtney Love). They used to live in L.A. (and Thorn once dated/was in a band with Christopher Owens, former Girls frontman, called…Curls), but now they’re doing the Brooklyn thing. Starred released the song “No Good” this summer, and today the band is sharing a stream of its Prison To Prison EP. The album will get a physical release November 20 via Pendu Sound, but listen to it in full now, and check out dates for two of the group’s upcoming shows, below.

Tour Dates For Starred:
12/07 – Brooklyn, NY – Club Europa *
12/09 – Queens, NY – MoMa PS1 #
* with Psychic TV
# with Gambles