Post-punk and Friday afternoon go to together like…OK, they don’t really go together at all, but that shouldn’t stop you from plugging your headphones in and letting San Francisco doom-sayers the Soft Moon transport you to a desolate goth hellscape. The nice people over at Fact Magazine have debuted a full album stream of the darkwave group’s upcoming record, Zeros, which finds lead-Moon Luis Vasquez exploring sounds and textures that he’s been through in the past but with an increased commitment to spookiness this time. The album comes out October 30 via Captured Tracks, and it could serve as the soundtrack to a charming Halloween party.
Taking elements of synth-pop but stripping them of all the peppiness, Vasquez crafts a stark, unsettling album packed with scraping drum tracks, wiry guitars, screeching synths and mumbled vocals. Also, the drums on the first track almost sound like that awesome “chchch ahahah” sound cue from the Friday The 13th movies. Stream the record, below.