Scottish producer and electronic prodigy Rustie is due to release his second album, Green Language, on August 26 via Warp. We’ve already heard the euphoric single Raptor and the Danny Brown banger Attak. Now, courtesy of Warp and Hunter Loftis, fans can stream the entire album.
The catch (or bonus): in order to stream the whole thing, you have to play an online, interactive video game. Each level unlocks one of the album’s thirteen songs, and upon beating the game the player is rewarded with a full stream. Warp recommends Chrome or Safari for optimal gaming, and the controls (arrow keys to move and space bar to jump) are pretty intuitive. Check out the game (or at least hear the album’s first track, Workship, which plays automatically) here, and scope the full tracklist for Green Language below.
Tracklist For Green Language:
01. Workship
02. A Glimpse
03. Raptor
04. Paradise Stone
05. Up Down ft. D Double E
06. Attak ft. Danny Brown
07. Tempest
08. He Hate Me ft. Gorgeous Children
09. Velcro
10. Lost ft. Redinho
11. Dream On
12. Lets Spiral
13. Green Language