Photo by Lauren Naefe

Last fall when CMJ interviewed Estonian experimental-pop artist Maria Minerva, she was ready to take a nap. “I’m excited about CMJ because it’s a huge New York festival, and it’s nice to be a part of it,” she said. “Once that’s done I will probably lie in bed for a week and then get to work.” Presumably Minerva got some shut-eye in because this week she’s released a new five-song EP, Bless, on 100% Silk, and it contains some of her most energetic and danceable material to date, further proof that lying in bed for a week is always a good creative strategy.
The EP opens up with “Black Magick,” a stuttering, wobbly-synth-filled track that seems to be about the dangers of dating a magician; “You cut me in half/Then you put me together again,” she sings in her icy but playful voice, before the song drifts off into ethereal quivers and menacing rumbles. “Space 4 U” finds her taunting the listener with a coyly delivered, “Make a wish boy.” My wish is to listen to this EP for the rest of the day, and, oh look, Spin made my dreams come true with a full stream of the EP. Bless them. Check it out below.