The Denver-based beat-brushing clubhouse/label KEATS//COLLECTIVE has an impressive track record when it comes to future funk. Last year there was Saint Pepsi’s still-excellent Hit Vibes, and back in March there was Rollergirl!’s wackily retro I Love You, Rollergirl!, plus a slew of other gems in between. That’s why we were excited when we found out recently that KEATS would be dropping its fifth compilation album, KEATS//COLLECTIVE Volume 5.
The album dropped this morning and it’s even better (and more overwhelming) that we could have hoped. It’s a towering slice of music at a whopping 28 tracks long, and runs the synthetic synth gamut from KEV//BOT’s unflinchingly glittery Over You to Saint Pepsi’s Woody Allen-sampling soul-dream Polymorphously Perverse, to Tuuwa’s heartbeat-ridden funk swirl, Repercussions. You can stream the whole thing and check out the tracklist below, or download it for free here.

Tracklist For KEATS//COLLECTIVE Volume 5:
01. Crowns – “Valerie”
02. The Phantom’s Revenge – “Breakin Turbo Broom Dance”
03. Comanche – “W.T.B.”
04. Handbook – “From The Start”
05. Vanilla – “Girl”
06. Audiosynthes – “Turb”
07. SOVATE – “Stride”
08. Lemon Future – “Present Tense”
09. Merlinda/Walls – “Hot AF”
10. Basement Love – “A Slow Night”
11. Wasted Nights – “Hold Tight”
12. Harrison – “Crepes”
13. Rollersaurus Sex – “I’m In Love”
14. マクロス MACROSS 82-99 x Lancaster_ – “Bad Girl”
15. She Said Disco – “Perfect Effect”
16. Roux Spana – “Love Shine”
17. Ernst Jr. – “Konevova”
18. Saint Pepsi – “Polymorphously Perverse”
19. mtbrd – “Houdini”
20. Kaligraph E – “Horizons”
21. KEV//BOT – “Over You”
22. A Sol Mechanic – “Koto”
23. Box Of Wolves – “Summer Daze” Ft. Laura Shea
24. Walkie Talkie – “Don’t Give Up”
25. Tender Sleep – “Ultra Grand”
26. Tuuwa – “Repercussions”
27. Flamingosis – “Don’t Leave”
28. Scu. – “Outro”