We were just starting to wonder, “What happened to Blondes?” Well, it seems they were locked in the studio prepping their second full-length for RVNG Intl., Swisher. The album is now available to stream in its entirety on YouTube, accompanied by an hour-long video of psychedelic shapes, swirls, and colors. The music follows in the footsteps of their self-titled album, building on the highly textured, live recording process the band used the first time around to create a multifaceted and engaging hour of music. Still within the confines of house and techno, the album lends itself to both club use and home listening.
In 2011, Blondes and RVNG Intl. pressed a series of 12″ singles that would later become the backbone of their LP. Their records have garnered support across the board, even from industry veteran Sasha. The group became noticeably silent toward the end of 2012 and it looks like this is the reason. Swisher is available now via RVNG Intl. and can be streamed, below.