Remember last February, when Concord Music Group released its Original Jazz Remasters series, featuring reissues of famous jazz albums by greats like Thelonious Monk and Ella Fitzgerald? (No? You probably don’t have a photographic memory for our news stories then, in which case shame on you) Well those kooky kids (actually in all honesty they’re probably old, or at least middle-aged) are at their reissuing hijinks again: Concord is now reissuing a slew of records from Memphis soul label Stax’s archives.

This September, Concord is going to release Rufus Thomas’ Do The Funky Chicken, The Dramatics’ Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get, and Shirley Brown’s Woman To Woman. All three R&B albums have famous songs attached to them; they used to call them hits before hits stopped being important, before everyone listened to indie rock (a lot of which is neither indie, nor rock). Thomas has that song “Do The Funky Chicken,” soul group the Dramatics comes with “In The Rain,” and Shirley Brown has her smash song “Woman To Woman,” which is sadly not about what we hoped it would be about (it’s actually a song to the woman her man cheated on, and is a classic).

The Stax reissues will be released on September 13, and will include remastering and new liner notes. Concord owns Stax, so expect the reissue parade to keep on coming.