Well, that bummed-out, end-of-summer feeling is slipping in, it’s supposed to rain on the east coast this holiday weekend and we’re already looking ahead to October around here. But then it hits you that we are on the very cusp of the busiest time of the year for music world action, hence there was much for us to sift though for this week’s staff picks.

Buke and GaseSeam Esteem

Dark, choppy, electro pop created with homemade instruments? I’m game. Buke and Gase have been putting out weekly demos for the past few months, and now they have given us a finished product that most certainly does not disappoint. – Arielle Parnes-Katz


Emile HaynieA Kiss Goodbye

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonte Hynes and Sampha join forces with the usually behind-the-scenes Emile Haynie to create a minimalist, piano-led track that is quietly beautiful and hauntingly sorrowful. Gainsbourg becomes a far away, angelic choir floating on a cloud of steady electronic beats and Hayne’s subtle guitar. A brief moment of silence catches like a tiny gasp in the back of your throat, and then the track dissolves into stripped-back piano and Sampha’s sorrowful and aching recounting of lovely moments lost. It’s orchestral, heartbreaking and gorgeous. If this is only a one-off, I’ll be just as devastated as Gainsbourg and Sampha. – Carrie Brothers


Terry MaltsDon’t

Am I super lame for being this late to the Terry Malts game? So lame that I should be embarrassed to cop to it anywhere, let alone on CMJ.com? Probably. At any rate, this track comes from their new EP, Insides, which is out in a little under a month on Slumberland. It’s equal parts hooky and punishing, and I can’t get enough of it. – Zac Coe


Noname GypsyDizzy

God it was hard to choose this week. Mulekid dropped their debut track, an amazingly textured work with just the right amount of timid intimacy. Plus A.G. Cook and SOPHIE finally released QT and, duh, it’s bubblegum perfection. All this just makes Noname Gypsy’s victory even greater. Clever, casual wordplay, dynamic tone-shifts and an effortless cadence that just doesn’t show up often. – Lizzie Plaugic


OliverFast Forward

When Oliver dropped I Need You back in 2011, it instantly became one of my favorite dance tracks of all time and still is. I’m glad they posted Fast Forward this week. Now I have all of Labor Day weekend to practice doing the robot. – David Velásquez


WishNothing To Say

This dreamy, jangly spectre floated out of my hard drive yesterday. Its swirly, edge-of-shoegaze daze will fit fine should that cursed rain dampen this coming weekend. Nothing To Say is from the self-titled debut of this Toronto quartet, out on Hand Drawn Dracula now. – Eric Davidson