White Lung 2
This time around, our faves of the week rattle in the vast, nameless, seemingly unbreachable space between scuzz-riddled post-punk and crushingly emotive folk. That doesn’t mean we didn’t also have Default Genders’ cynical acid-house dream song or Rahel’s stunning solo debut on a loop all week, but we had to draw the line somewhere. If you need more, head over to our Head In The Clouds playlist to hear our top 25 SoundCloud tracks of the week.

Naomi PunkTelevision Man

While they fail my personal band rule No. 7—never put genre names in your band moniker—this Olympia, WA, trio otherwise bend greying post-punk rules just right by keeping their jittery rhythms loose, guitars playful underneath the angular beats, and those oohs-oohs are unexpected. –Eric Davidson

White LungFace Down

A staged scream and two and a half minutes of ferocious rock blitz. And it’s on VHS! –Lisa Hresko

Sharon Van EttenYour Love Is Killing Me

Everything we’ve heard so far from SVE’s upcoming album, Are We There, has been pretty great, but this one kind of hurts to listen to, and that’s really all I want from super soft, emotion-dripping folk-pop. –Lizzie Plaugic

Beat ConnectionHesitation

Seattle’s Beat Connection hasn’t dropped a track in a minute, but we’re glad they’re back in time for summer. The humidity is at 86%, but we’re chillin’. The energy is high enough for your Friday night pregame, and [synonym for chill] enough to fuel your recovery at Saturday brunch. –David Velásquez