Chance The Rapper Live CMJ 2012 - Photo by Crystal Huffman

Chance The Rapper live @ CMJ 2012 – Photo by Crystal Huffman

Weather it be from cryptic Twitter-clue dropping Earl Sweatshirt or the soul groove of an album-teasing Sharon Van Etten, the week, as usual, was crammed with ear-wormy new tunes. You can get your groove on with our weekly Soundcloud playlist, and then scroll down to see our staff’s favorites of the week. And then just listen to the new Roots slow burner, because we always need more Roots.

Guy BlakesleeKneel And Pray

Guy Blakeslee’s desperately wrung bellow recalls Dante White of Starlite Desperation, which will mean little since Dante White’s work over the last decade-plus is as criminally underrated as Blakeslee’s, whose been making edge-of-town drama rock for nearly as long, lately as the leader of The Entrance Band. This is the first released track off Blakeslee’s upcoming Ophelia Slowly (June 10 via Everloving), his first solo album in nearly 10 years. While the border town vibe still hovers, synths and tricky electro beats feel like Blakeslee is stopping at the sketchy, neon-lit, last chance dance shack before hitting the highway again. – Eric Davidson

Chance The RapperI Am Very Very Lonely

Given that most of the solo stuff we’ve heard recently from Chance and his live band has been fun, but mostly throwaway goofin’ around, it’s nice to get something that sticks. I Am Very Very Lonely has Chance actually singing, in a breathless, wispy cadence and qualifying word-mashed lines like, “On the sofa posted perfect selfie picture posture tonight,” with a cheeky, off-hand, “Snapchat bitch.” Plus that hook floooowws. – Lizzie Plaugic


On Hesitate, the U.K. dark pop duo’s emotionally charged sense of urgency, laid over a fuzzy head-nodding rhythm, is both as compelling as it is surprising. – David Velásquez

TOBACCOFather Sister Bezerker

Black Moth Super Rainbow had the underlying pep-in-step take on pyschedlics, but Tobacco is just the noise of a constant “aww shit, bad trip.” Last week he stopped our sleep with his gruesome NSFYouTube video, and now we get a lighter, synthier, head-nodding, neck-rolling delight: Father Sister Bezerker. Ultima II Massage is in two weeks; it can’t come soon enough. – Lisa Hresko