As we hit the stride of summer, the time when even the nights aren’t that cool anymore, the easiest way to beat the heat (or to turn it up) is with a hand-selected batch of sweet new singles that can calm and excite with equal vigor. This week, our favorite picks come in the form of a bedroom track with a climax, a forgotten reissue, Young Thug (again) and a fading sunset stroll. As always, you can head over to our 25-track SoundCloud playlist to hear more.

Los Angeles Police DepartmentShe Came Through (Again)

Ryan Pollie is not a one-man police department, but maybe the world would be a better place if he were. This is Pollie’s first single off his upcoming self-titled debut, and it tricks you with a wallop of a chorus that you don’t expect to show up in its hazy, filtered eyelash kisses. Justice at its finest. – Lizzie Plaugic


FurtherGeneric 7

Does it say something about the traditionally biz-lazy nature of new releases in mid-July that my track o’ the week is from 1993? Yes, yes it does. This jittery, Dinosaur Jr. junior jam is from an upcoming compilation of forgotten early-90s indie rock blacktop spreaders, Further. Where Were You Then? 1991-1997 comes out on September 2 on Bad Paintings. – Eric Davidson


Nicholas KrgovichAlong The PCH On Oscar Night

I don’t know if being on the PCH on Oscar Night is more or less enjoyable than on any other night, but I can’t imagine it feels as good as the slow rush of this song. Unless we’re talking about a sunset stroll with your boo and a frozen daiquiri to-go cup. – David Velásquez


Young ThugEww Eww Eww (Remix) Feat. T.I. & Zuze

I’m not over my Young Thug thing from last week yet. Yesteday, Thugger dropped some more new material, a remix of “Eww Eww Eww” featuring Atlanta legend T.I. and the hard Caribbean flow of up-and-comer Zuse. It’s another home run. The ATL wins the week. Again. – Max Lefkowitz