Our favorites this week include a waltzy piano jam, a wide-eyed, pleading pop song, Thugger filtering his yalps through Auto-Tune and something that sounds straight out of a John Hughes movie. As always, you can also scope our 25-track SoundCloud playlist if you need more.

History Of Apple PieTame

Anyone remember Ivy? I didn’t think so. These young Brits probably don’t either, but there’s a child of late alt-rock boom pop thing going on in this uber-catchy, one piano key-pushed, sparkle-waltz from their upcoming second album, Feel Something, out September 30 on Marshall Teller. – Eric Davidson


Saint PepsiFiona Coyne

Saint Pepsi recently signed to Carpark and summed up his sonic mission in one sentence: “I want to make pop music for freaks, basically.” The first single off his upcoming 7-inch for the label (and the first track ever on which Saint Pepsi himself sings) might be a romantic ode to a Degrassi character, but thanks to its neon-light synths and candy heart sweetness, we’re the ones crushing. – Lizzie Plaugic


Yumi ZoumaIt Feels Good To Be Around You (Feat. Air France) Uptempo Edit

Imagine we’re at the end of Pretty In Pink: “I remain now, and will always be…a Duckman.” Then this song plays. – David Velásquez


Young Thug1017 Lifestyle

In 99.9% of situations, it is 100% unacceptable to use this much Auto-Tune. That’s my opinion. Young Thug doesn’t give a shit about my opinion. Well played, Thugger. Keep doing you. This one bumps. – Max Lefkowitz