Photo by Jay Demetillo

Photo by Jay Demetillo

I’m pretty sure you know the deal by now. Plus, we’ve had enough favorites lists this week that you now know effectively everything about the CMJ staff’s tastes. As always, check out our SoundCloud playlist if this isn’t satiating.

The WeekndOften

There’s nothing remotely surprising or unexpected about this song. It’s an icy horndog seduction track—another piece to throw into the annotated bibliography of Abel Tesfaye’s busy sex life. But I’ve also listened to it 37 times this week and it hasn’t gotten old yet. – Lizzie Plaugic


I’ve been drinking every night for a month straight, and this is my hangover cure. – David Velásquez


Peter Matthew BauerPhiladelphia Raga

While The Walkmen are currently on “extreme hiatus,” frontman Hamilton Leithauser took the time to release his solo debut back in May with some help from his buddies in Vampire Weekend, Dirty Projectors and Fleet Foxes. This week, Walkmen bass player Peter Matthew Bauer released his, titled Liberation!, and although it doesn’t have the same type of buzz or big name features, it’s definitely a fun one that’s worth a listen or two. – Max Lefkowitz