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Here we are again, back at Friday and back to narrowing down all the music that dropped this week to our No. 1 choices. The CMJ staff has some pretty diverse tastes, so this time around we picked back porch brews, smirking make-out tracks, shiny remixes of 2012 crushes and more. If that’s not enough for you music fiends, you can stream our weekly 25-track SoundCloud playlist here.

The GrowlersBig Toe

This breezy surf-pop tune—from this Cali band’s Chinese Fountain LP on Everloving Records, out September 23—is just perfect for these days where you start realizing that the recently ditched bitching about cold weather is about to switch over to humidity rants. But for right now, for like the next week or so, June is feeling just fine, especially while sipping a beer by the river right around sunset. So a line like, “She strikes down like a hammer on your big toe,” well, that hammer is still hovering like that cold beer on the way to your lips. – Eric Davidson


FKA TwigsTw-ache

The provocateur’s self-produced reworking of her 2012 single Ache turns the breathy tune into a lustily beating wordless track that sadly, according to the announced tracklist, won’t be on her forthcoming full-length album. – Lisa Hresko


Ryan HemsworthEvery Square Inch (With Qrion)

You know that one person at the party who always seems to be having just a little more fun than you? That person who, every time you hit your third-beer-stride, pulls out like, a case of silly string or something? That’s this song. Its perpetually grinning swagger with adorably white teeth clenching a bright pink wad of Bubbalicious is gonna make you jealous. – Lizzie Plaugic


MNEKWrote A Song About You

MNEK goes pretty heavy on the 98 Degrees-esque pop lyrics (in his defense, he’s only 19) but then the beat comes in and he shows off his slick production chops and lady-slaying croon. Kid’s got skills. – David Velásquez


The ShinsBeautiful

The Zach Braff-James Mercer bromance lives on, and we get a new Shins song out of it. “So Now What” is the lead single off the soundtrack to Wish I Was Here, Braff’s new Kickstarter-funded movie with the weird trailer where almost nobody talks and there’s more Shins music. The soundtrack also features Bon Iver, Coldplay, The Head And The Heart, Cat Power and a bunch of other people, so it should be a cool one, even if the actual movie supposedly sorta sucks. Gotta stream this one over at NPR. – Max Lefkowitz