It’s finally June, and that means the CMJ staff is feelin’ those warm, warm rays and it’s probably rubbing off on our musical tastes. Our favorite tracks this week are ones that’ll have you thinking about brightly colored umbrella cocktails and flapjack-sized straw hats. From crushy blip-pop to swooning folk strummers, there’s enough heatwave action here to go ’round. And if that’s not enough for you, head over to our SoundCloud to stream 25 of our top tunes this week.

A.G. CookBeautiful

I don’t care if PC Music is an inside joke or a giant conspiracy or if it’s totally the future of sound (my vote). This song by label founder A.G. Cook is a plastic snap of gooey, maple-syrup-filled bubblegum and French kissing that’s just really, really fun. In the words of one SoundCloud commenter, “this changes evvvvvvvv-uh-ree-thang.” – Lizzie Plaugic

Blood OrangeApril’s Bathroom Bummer

Dev Hynes adds sonic appeal to James Franco’s forthcoming film with some sultry soft porn-sax for lounge lizards and night owls alike. – Lisa Hresko

Glass AnimalsPools(Jackson And His Computer Band Remix)

You know the opening scene in Blade, where there are vampires dancing in a basement of an industrial meat warehouse? If that party happened today and I was DJing, this is the song I would play when the blood starts coming out of the sprinkler system. – David Velásquez

Jenny LewisJust One Of The Guys

Since her days in Rilo Kiley, Lewis has worked her way around charming pop, and this waltsy number, off her first solo record in six years, draws out like a late spring evening, anticipating the heat to come, knowing things may get less charming and humid soon enough. Phlanged vocals, angelic backup vocals, and guitars that seem to get echoy-er as the tune progresses. It’s lovely, but subtly sarcastic. – Eric Davidson