TOPS – Photo by Rebecca Storm

Here in New York City today, the clouds are a threatening shade of slate grey and the air is thick, but placid, like an eerie calm before the apocalypse. SoundCloud also began implementing promotional content into its streams this week, so maybe the end of the world really is here. At least we’ve got these nostalgic, gritty and muscular tracks to get us through it.

Gorgeous ChildrenHowedoit

The twinkling flute/chime combo sounds like stuffy symphony fare until heavy-footed percussion drops into the mix and Face Vega starts spitting lines like “Now they wanna prove they knew me/Fluent floosies out the blue jacuzzi,” like the symphony would be blessed to have him. – Lizzie Plaugic


Yung BaeSailor Babes

Okay, I’m ready. I’m ready for Track Of The Week. I’m ready for J-Disco to blow up. I’m ready for horn solo breakdowns to be a thing again. I’m ready for Friday night to happen. I’m ready to cosplay as Tuxedo Mask and get ignored by the Sailor Babes at NYCC. Let’s do this. – David Velásquez



I have no shame in admitting that Teen Witch was my favorite movie during the majority of my childhood, so I appreciate any tune that sounds like big perms, spangly jewelry, tutus over tight dresses and swaying slowly at a high school dance. Hang some glitter covered stars from the ceiling, get a prime position under the disco ball in a smoke-machine filled gym, and start slow-dancing with that cute boy in the letterman’s jacket. Try not to get so caught up in the quiet, romantic vocals that you forget to leave space between you and your hunky partner! You wouldn’t want the gym teacher to pull you apart in the middle of this blissful, dreamy song. – Carrie Brothers


The Twilight SadThere’s A Girl In The Corner

The early morning commutes have been getting a little cooler lately, and I don’t think there’s any band whose sound better replicates the chilly threat of a looming autumn than the Twilight Sad. With every record, their sound gets just that much darker and muscular. I’ll say it: There’s A Girl In The Corner is right up there with Reflection Of The Television as one of this band’s best ever singles. – Zac Coe


Useless EatersAmerican Cars

Sure, Teenager had a fine, similarly snotty, post-punk cruncher (Think About It) come out this week, but I’ll go with the welcome return of this Nashville crank-punk crew. Though American Cars comes from the band’s upcoming album, Bleeding Moon (Castle Face, October 7), lead Eater Seth Sutton released a skinnier version on a single or something a couple years ago. This version’s probably better. – Eric Davidson