To honor the tenth anniversary of Krautrock OG Florian Fricke’s death, SPV Records is releasing a double album of music by Fricke’s band Popol Vuh on July 26. Popol Vuh Revisited And Remixed (1970-1999) will feature both original tracks by the German electronic/progressive rock group and eleven remixes of its noteworthy songs by artists like Stereolab and Roland Appel to bring the magic of early Moog synthesizer music to longtime fans and the Twitter generation. With this release, young people who have never heard a whisper of ambient Kosmische musik can bob to the beat Moritz von Oswald laid under the ghostly wails of synthesizer in “In den Garten Pharaos.”

Tracklist For Popol Vuh Revisited And Remixed (1970-1999):

01. “Aguirre I Lacrima di Rei” from Aguirre
02. “Affenstunde” from Affenstunde
03. “In den Gärten Pharaos” from In den Gärten Pharaos
04. “Ich mache einen Spiegel” from Affenstunde
05. “Nachts – Schnee” from Cobra Verde
06. “Eine andere Welt” from Cobra Verde
07. “In your Eyes” from For You and Me
08. “Train through time” from Affenstunde
09. “Nascita” from Messa di Orfeo
10. “Brüder Des Schattens” from Nosferatu
11. “Through Pain to Heaven” from Nosferatu
12. “Kailash: Last Village,” previously unreleased

01. Agirre I/II (Peter Kruder Remix)
02. Schnee (Thomas Fehlmann Flow Mix)
03. Heart Of Glass (A Critical Mass Remix)
04. Haram Dei Haram Dei (Ales Barck Remix)
05. Through Pain To Heaven (Roland Appel Remix)
06. Nachts – Schnee (Mika Vainio Remix)
07. In den Garten Pharaos (Moritz von Oswald Remix)
08. Through Pain To Heaven (Mouse On Mars Remix)
09. Hosianna Mantra (Stereolab Remix)
10. Aguirre I/II (Haswell And Hacker Remix)
11. Train Through Time (Popol Vuh Long Edit)