After releasing Songs In A&E in 2008, Jason Spaceman went through a couple of rough years health-wise, but it is now safe to say that the Spiritualized frontman is back, as he and the band are releasing their seventh studio album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, April 17 on Fat Possum.
The photo on the left is in fact the album art for Sweet Heart Sweet Light. Maybe Spaceman is playing another joke on us. Maybe not. Maybe we’ll just have to get someone who still buys physical CDs to let us know in a couple of months.
The first track available off of Sweet Heart Sweet Light, “Hey Jane,” is an eight-minute mix of guitar riffs, organs and that spacey rock Spiritualized sound. Sweet Heart Sweet Light has got some collaborators on it, including blues legend Dr. John in a track titled “I Am What I Am” and Spaceman’s 11-year-old daughter, Poppy, on “So Long You
Pretty Thing,” for which she receives some writing credit.
Check out the song and tracklist below.
Spiritualized ‘Hey Jane’ by Spiritualized
Tracklist For Sweet Heart Sweet Light:
01. Hey Jane
02. Little Girl
03. Get What You
04. Too Late
05. Heading For The Top
06. Freedom
07. I Am What I Am
08. Mary
09. Life Is A Problem
10. So Long You Pretty Things