Tiga - Photo by Zoe Camp

Belgian dance-rock heroes Soulwax closed a short suite of Stateside shows last night at Webster Hall. The HARD-presented bill also included Tiga and Auto Body, making for perhaps one of the best dance bills of this fall.
Austin duo Auto Body took the stage in front of an audience comprised mostly of twentysomethings and students. Felix Moreno and Tibaut Bowman’s mix of funky bass rifs, 8-bit soundscapes and larger-than-life synths made for a giddy, reeling show with plenty of energy. Bowman’s glow-in-the-dark sunglasses cut through the smoky lights and effects like a beacon, providing concertgoers with a delightful visual show to complement his band’s equally delightful electro.
Tiga followed with a floor-shaking set that included fan favorites “Mind Dimension 2” and “Shoes,” among others. The bass drops were as filthy and massive as a T-rex covered in mud, and the Montreal producer supplied them in great abundance, creating face-melting dynamics. Notably absent was the MC’s terrific version of Nelly’s “Hot In Herre,” but luckily he made up for it with plenty of bangers.
Soulwax took the stage dressed in crisp suits, against a bare, bright backdrop of lights. For the entirety of its hour-and-a-half show, the band seamlessly wove between punchy alternative rock and grimy house, stirring the crowd into a frenzy. The group also played some new material, full of guitars and voice effects. Best of all was the stuttering, screeching “Krack,” met with such fervor from the audience that the floors quaked for 10 minutes straight.