New York-based rock/dance band Indyns is rising into the spotlight with its fast-paced rock ballads, accentuated with synths and impressive vocals by lead guitarist/vocalist Adam Jones. The band’s music is hook-heavy, featuring catchy choruses and genuine emotion that drive each song lyrically. The hard work and clever songwriting that Jones, guitarist Billy Muncy, drummer Dustin E. Coker, keyboardist/drummer/vocalist Mudjalin Jones and bassist Ron Boling put into their craft create an atmosphere that engages the listener.[/vimeo]

Indyns doesn’t have any releases out yet, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t already have a strong collection of tracks that showcase its talent. In “Dance So Close,” the band surprises the listener with auto-tuned vocals, which juxtapose well against its ’80s synth sounds. The silliness of a rock band channeling hip-hop avenues is a clever touch by the band. The video above for “Champagne Girlz,” directed by Daniel Haney for Clement And Co., is like a surrealistic dream hazed over with fog machines and colorful, distorted stage lights. The funny thing is that the song sounds exactly like the video looks, with cuts of the band wandering the city streets between the dreamy live performance of the track (kind of taking the viewer/listener back into reality for a quick clip before returning to the surreal performance).

Indyns thrives off of simplicity. Its minimal beats, hooky choruses and distorted guitars create a unified and intriguing sound that is worth attention.

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