Some sites are questionably billing Loiter Squad, the TV comedy debut of rambunctious rap troupe Odd Future, as a reality show. Episode one, which aired on Adult Swim this Sunday and is posted in full below, follows Tyler, The Creator, Jasper Dolphin, Taco and Lionel Boyce for 12 minutes in an awkward comedy puree of Jackass jackassery, Trigger Happy TV trolling and Portlandia character-driven parody sketches. Songs, scorn and secretions are numerous. So, yes…that actually sounds like a fair approximation of Odd Future’s “reality.”
Following last week’s release of The OF Tape Vol. 2, the Wolf Gang seems prepped for a hostile media takeover. Watch Loiter Squad below and find out why some tweeters are raving, “I think the world was a better place before Odd Future.”