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It wasn’t three minutes into Son Of Morning before Philip walks in on his father jumping off a banister with a noose around his neck, thus beginning the slow degradation of Philip’s mother. Meanwhile Philip becomes medicated, has a one nightstand, and is praying in a church for the sun not to die, when all of a sudden he seems to have a mental breakdown that leaves a single tear of blood streaming from his eye.

Wait. He cried blood? That’s right, and the news reporter at the other pew noticed and immediately began calling him “the next Messiah.” From there the plot has Philip climbing the path to self-realization and a better understanding of human behavior. There is also a book called Immaculate Deception in the film (go see the movie when it hits theaters in February to find out more).

Director and writer Yaniv Raz crafts a common plot into an interesting story with a twist and then mixes in a great soundtrack full of new and noteworthy artists, topping it off with beautiful cinematography. With a cast loaded with actors of note (Heather Graham, Danny Glover, Edward Hermann, Joseph Cross) Son Of Morning is a smart film that pokes fun at story-hungry news stations, extremely conservative Republicans and religion.