Photo by Brenden Beecy

Son Lux likes a challenge. His upcoming April 26 album release on Anticon, titled We Are Rising, was recorded in only 28 days in response to an invitation to take on the annual RPM Challenge. With help from friends like DM Stith, Jace Everett and Shara Worden, Son Lux finished the album by his deadline and ended up with a final product that feels like anything but rushed.

Trained in classical composition, Son Lux, aka Ryan Lott, achieves a pleasant balance between electronics, pop vocals and modern arrangements for classical acoustic instruments. This combination echoes the orchestration of Sufjan Stevens but also provides a spotlight for the orchestral instruments to go beyond simplistic folk riffs and explore contrapuntal and textural complexities.

In addition to the official album announcement, Son Lux has released the single “Rising” off of We Are Rising as well as an interesting video documenting the creation of the album’s artwork, which, in keeping with the theme of ridiculous deadlines, was completed in 28 hours.

Check below for a stream of “Rising,” the video doc and the album’s tracklist.

Rising by Son Lux by PMA[/vimeo]

Tracklist For We Are Rising:
01. Flickers
02. All The Right Things
03. Rising
04. Leave The Riches
05. Flowers
06. Chase
07. Claws
08. Let Go
09. Rebuild