Sleigh Bells - Photo by Emily Korn

Sleigh Bells – Photo by Emily Korn

This was probably one of the most unexpected line-ups of the fall. Doldrums, hailing from Canada, kicked the evening off with their unique brand of electronica. The audience began to swell and sway with the music as anticipation for the evening continued to grow. Danny Brown then took stage, opening with a short DJ interlude. Tongues wagged and smiles abounded, as Brown rapped to a crowd of fans who, in turn, rapped back. Suddenly, a group of moshers took over the center of Terminal 5 during his set. Arriving onto the stage to a huge reaction, Sleigh Bells, announced this performance as the last one of their 2013 tour. They then saw a migration of fans move towards them, as the punkier-pop crew pushed their way forward to welcome the Brooklynites home. The show as a whole was a triple threat, stuffed with uniquely talented, high-energy and apparently much-loved musicians.
Words and photos by Emily Korn.
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