Before the panic attacks ensue, the Cool Kids is not breaking up. The duo is still together and will be invading your speakers very soon. The pair has decided to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, as Rocks put it in his interview with blogger Ashley Outrageous, and have separate careers outside of and in addition to the Cool Kids.
The announcement for one of the latest additions to the Jet Life family was made Sunday, October 23, when Curren$y tweeted, “Roll one for @SirMichaelRocks for he is indeed Jet Life Official.” Sir Michael Rocks will be added to the Warner Bros. subsidiary along with Smoke DZA and a slew of other up-and-coming rappers as Curren$y builds his power hip-hop team. Rocks had been rumored to be signing a solo deal with Dame Dash‘s Blue Roc label for quite some time, so fans following his next move were completely blindsided when his decision hit the Internet.
CMJ caught up with Rocks to ask him a few questions about his new home and how Chuck Inglish is taking the news.

How does tho solo deal with Jet Life differ from the Cool Kids’ record deal with Mountain Dew?
Mountain Dew is a huge corporation, and Jet Life is an indie-level label. My motivation in fuckin’ with the Jets wasn’t a huge cash amount. I feel like the merger of both of our styles is dope and will bring out the best in us all.
What was the signing day like? Can you walk us through it?
Well, I was in Miami gettin’ ready for a Cool Kids show I had later that night, and me and Curren$y had been talkin’ about linking up for a couple days before then. I was on the phone with him, and we both decided we should make it official. He took it to Twitter and dropped the news, and everybody went ham. I was in the middle of my show when he told everybody what was up, and after a couple songs in I started seein’ people throwin’ the Jets sign up and holdin’ up their phones cuz they obviously just heard the news from Twitter. Soon as I got off stage everybody started askin’ me was it true and congratulating me.
Doing business with friends is always a tricky situation. How do you think your friendship with Curren$y will translate into a good working relationship?
I think the fact that we had a cool friendship before even considering workin’ together is key. I already know he wanna see me win, and I feel the same about him. Homie is smart and knows what he’s doin’ wit his music and his business. Don’t let that stoner shit fool you—he on his toes.
How did Chuck Inglish feel about the signing? Did he know first?
He knows that it’s a good idea and would be a great fit for me right now. We are workin’ on our next album, Shark Week, and touring right now. He makes beats for my solo stuff as well and offers all his help and support to me in whatever I need.

Now that the ink is dried on the contract, the Chicago native will be the latest addition to the Smoker’s Club Tour featuring Curren$y, Method Man, Smoke DZA and Big K.R.I.T. Stay tuned for which cities he will be added to, the official inaugural Jet Life track and more on Rocks’ plans.