Icelandic ambient-rock enchanters Sigur Rós don’t exactly have a reputation for being prolific. The band has released a steady stream of albums since 1997’s Von, but they’ve often taken three or four years between records, presumably retreating back to some mysterious planet where they harvest glacial guitar tones, practice their chanting and frolic through an astro-forest under the stars. That’s about to change: This year Sigur Ros will release a new album, Kveikur, on June 18 via XL, a little over a year after 2012’s Valtari.
Since the departure of multi-instrumentalist Kjartan Sveinsson, the band is now a three-piece, and apparently they’re just working faster. The group is currently in the midst of a big North American tour, playing some giant venues—like Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden—and they seem to release a new video every couple of months. In addition to announcing the album, today the band unleashed a brooding new clip, directed by Andrew Huang, for the track “Brennisteinn.” It’s filmed in grayish hues with flashes of yellow light throughout. Check it out.

Find the cover art and the tracklist for the album below.

Tracklist For Kveikur:
01. Brennisteinn
02. Hrafntinna
03. Isjaki
04. Yfirbord
05. Stormur
06. Kveikur
07. Rafstraumur
08. Bláprádur
09. Var