Icelandic super band Sigur Rós may be on an “indefinite break,” but this November, the folky art rockers will release Inni, a double album and 75-minute film combination built around the band’s last live show at London’s Alexandra Palace in late 2008. Judging by the trailer, Inni will be everything that is Sigur Rós: indie, artsy, emotional, nostalgic and pretty good if you’re into it.

Director Vincent Morisset filmed, re-filmed and re-re-filmed the footage from Alexandra Palace to give Inni an extra super-indie boost over the band’s first film effort, the 2007 tour documentary Heima. Morisset also dusted off footage from throughout the band’s history since 1998, splicing it into the material from the Alexandra Palace show.
Sigur Rós’ set from the show will be released as Inni‘s double album—minus one song, which begs the questions, what did they leave out, and why? Did vocalist/guitarist Jón Þór Birgisson forget the lyrics to “Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur”? Because he could have just made them up and no one would have noticed. Did bassist Georg Holm slip and fall on his ass? Because that happens to the best of us. Whatever it was, at least it wasn’t this—but in all likelihood, the omission will be released as some nostalgic single in the future. Seeing as the double album is already almost two hours long as it is, there should be no love lost over one measly omission from the set.
Inni will debut at the Venice Film Festival September 3, but there are no details yet as to an exact date of the finished product’s release.