Photo by Elissa Stolman

The sound of Salva made the walls of Webster Hall’s ladies’ room buzz with bass on September 17, the night he and beatmates RL Grime and Shlohmo brought their West Coast thumps out East. Salva, dressed far more clean-cut than his low-end music sounded, wobbled grime with a house sensibility. Before introducing Friends Of Friends labelmate Shlohmo, Salva ran a gritty subwoofer under “Yonge Street (1,178 Miles Long)” from grime MC Wiley‘s latest album, 100% Publishing.
The debut album by Friends Of Friends’ darling bassmaker Shlohmo may have been emo emo emo, but it looks like he’s in a better place (which yes, would be New York). For the most part, he steered clear of playing his own previously recorded work, eventually dropping one of his catchiest—and happiest—tracks, “Birthday Beat.” That left the remainder of his set to be, as he promised, both bass-y and bro-y; as he is prone to do, the DJ cooked his way through songs by Drake and company.
Although he entertains warehouses bursting with hipsters at San Francisco’s SoMa venue 103 Harriet, Shlohmo told the crowd on Saturday that he will soon be leaving his homeland to set up shop in New York, news his crowd received warmly. “I’m moving here,” he repeated to the audience, as if amping himself up or trying to believe his own words. It seems, however, that he doesn’t have much to worry about; he does, after all, have a crew of bro-stepping goons who happily flick business cards into the audience while he DJs and toss merch into the mob afterward.