The Out With The In Crowd tour stopped in NYC last night at the sold out Highline Ballroom, almost too ritzy of a venue for this tour considering the headliner is Jersey screamo band Senses Fail, with Queens, NY’s Bayside as direct support. Something about the $9 beers and $10 minimum for seats at a table doesn’t scream pop punk or screamo.

Kingston, PA’s Title Fight was the sleeper of the night, their fast like Descendents/slow like Jawbreaker sound went over most everyone’s heads except for a few kids trying to do pile-ons in the middle of the pit. Playing songs off of The Last Thing You Forget (the closest thing Title Fight has to an LP; it’s more of a compilation of splits and EPs), bassist/vocalist Nate Russin’s energy left him bouncing and up down in front of his mic, so at times on the down beat, his voice went out. Right before going into their last song “Symmetry”, he held a finger up to his brother, drummer Ben Russin, telling him to wait while he tied his shoe. It was little things like that that showed their age (no one in Title Fight is old enough to drink at a bar), but when they play, they play with the musicianship of someone much older.

The crowd pleaser of the night was Bayside. Excited about being back on the road, the February release of its sixth album Killing Time, and celebrating its 10-year anniversary as a band, they came out swinging with a full, nonstop arsenal of fan favorites, one after the other with songs like “Montauk,” “Blame It On Bad Luck,” and “Devotion And Desire,” and throwing in a cover of Weezer’s “My Name Is Jonas” just for kicks. Frontman Anthony Raneri’s voice was dead on–when he wasn’t being upstaged by the hundreds of fans singing along.

Senses Fail’s set was… confusing to say the least. Their material kept jumping all over the place, sometimes with harder vocals and at other times with guitar solos, leaving them in between the awkward genres of nu metal and hardcore. No one seemed to notice or care, their fanbase is loyal enough, but it’d be nice if they just picked one and stuck with it. They played a handful of songs off of the upcoming album The Fire, and added a few songs from their most memorable Let It Enfold You. Before the last song of the night, singer Buddy Nielsen announced that they wouldn’t play an encore “’Cause we don’t do that shit…” and went into “187” from 2002’s From The Depths Of Dreams EP, which was “the song everyone wants to hear,” according to Nielsen. Whether that was true or not is debatable.