“C.T.F.O.,” the new cut from French electro artist SebastiAn‘s upcoming solo debut is a contradiction. On the chorus, a guesting M.I.A. reveals that the title acronym stands for “chill the fuck out,” but the track that she’s singing over does anything but that.

This is a three-minute barnburner, with enough noise, static and distorted bass to go around. M.I.A.’s voice is recorded twice and layered—one layer speaking the words indifferently and the other yelling them (also indifferently). It makes for a driving and, at times, borderline schizophrenic track.

“C.T.F.O.” will appear on SebastiAn’s debut LP, Total, which drops May 31 on Ed Banger/Because/Big Beat/Atlantic. The producer has made a name for himself with a string of remixes and EPs dating back to 2005, but this is his first full-length solo effort.

Check out a stream of “C.T.F.O.” below.

Sebastian- C.T.