Venues Of Note


The Archive

The Archive has popped up as a kind of cultural hub for post-earthquake(s) Christchurch. The new Galaxy Records operates out of there, and RDU (bNet radio station) is moving its studio into a back room. So they’ve got whatever record stores are good for nowadays, a radio station and a venue—a pretty good offer.

The Brewery

Before the February earthquake there was this venue called Goodbye Blue Monday, which was everyone’s go-to venue/drinking place, etc. After the February earthquake there was nothing until the peeps who ran GBM opened the Brewery. The vibe has changed from super-loud music to lighter stuff, which I’m not very pleased about (but not my money = not my choice). I can’t remember what it looks like inside or who drove me home that night, but I’ll be going back there.

Post-Show Hangs


Flickr photo by Whitney

Post-show hangs? What the fuck is this? Oh, my house in St. Albans. I have these hash-brown things that come from the supermarket that I toast on “6” twice, and I can make you some stovetop coffee, but I have to charge (I’m contractually obligated, in fact). Oh, and leftover beans and rice that I refuse to refrigerate might be hanging around if you’re lucky.

Check out Bang Bang Eche here.

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