In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week Acid Baby Jesus gives the scoop on Athens, Greece.

People tend to want to make Athens into a scene and label it under something, but I believe that this is not possible at the moment. That’s what makes it exciting and new for us—going to see different genres of music and getting influenced by them and not living in a genre bubble. Greece has always been too far for bands to tour, so it’s pretty isolated in that way, but a lot of kids go to study abroad and get new ideas for bands. Also the Internet plays a big role into realizing that you can do things by yourself and don’t have to depend on anybody who wants to leech off of you and your music. Also I believe it’s cool that nobody has money right now because people will focus on doing more artistic stuff and that is free of charge and very rewarding for the soul.

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