Max Bemis, the lead singer of Los Angeles’ Say Anything, recently posted a lengthy blog entry to announce that the emo-punk rockers have signed to Equal Vision. Last year, Say Anything “mutually parted ways” from RCA, and according to the blog post the band couldn’t be more excited with this change. Equal Vision will release Say Anything’s fourth studio album, which the band will begin to record in August, along with some heretofore unreleased material, vinyl records and upcoming projects.

Say Anything commissioned producer Tim O’Heir to accompany the band in the studio next month. O’Heir, who has worked with the All-American Rejects, also helped Say Anything with its 2004 debut album, …Is A Real Boy. According to Bemis, the band’s Equal Vision debut will be “an undiluted, straight from the slightly-bulging-gut Say Anything record.”