There are so many bands competing for attention in Brooklyn, you just have to be really good at songwriting, right? That’s what “fantasy pop” duo Savoir Adore seems to be going for. Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer started their project by creating their own new set of fairy tales, but on Our Nature, their lyrics come back to earth while letting their music explore other worlds. Since their debut LP, In The Wooded Forest, they’ve amicably parted ways with Cantora, the label responsible for launching MGMT’s early career. The self-released Our Nature shows that they’re doing just fine on their own.
Lead single “Dreamers” opens the album, fizzing synths giving way to Muro and Hammer’s traded vocals. It’s this dynamic that drives Savoir Adore, and for the most part, it’s a fairly laid-back one that speaks to a particular security. They have faith in their songs, and so should you.
Muro has a side project called Deidre And The Dark that amps up ’60s stylings, and that influence is also audible in tracks like “Sparrow” and “Anywhere You Go.” “Won’t you let me come with you wherever you’ll be headed to?” she sings on the latter, channeling a mid-century vision of puppy love. As a whole, however, Savoir Adore’s sound on this record balances a sense of modernity with a steady grasp on timeless ideas of romance and guitar pop appeal.
The recording quality is smart and sophisticated, and the overall feel of Our Nature is much richer-sounding than on In The Wooded Forest. This is especially evident on tracks like “Imagination,” a particularly dreamy offering. There’s also a surprising diversity to the record, with the swoon-worthy “Empire Of Light” segueing into the pulsing, New Wave-inspired stomp of “Speed Bump.” Similarly, “Loveliest Creature” is carried by a punchy beat and one of Muro’s more powerful performances.
The best is saved for last. “Sea Of Gold” sees Muro and Hammer’s voices in perfect balance, coasting over a rattling rhythm. It feels like the moment of peace before falling asleep. Sweet dreams.