Saturday Looks Good To Me has released a new song titled “Invisible Friend.” It’s the first track from the band’s upcoming album, One Kiss Ends It All, available May 21 through Polyvinyl.
Fred Thomas—bandleader and head songwriter of the band—has been working the sound of the 1960s into something contemporary for over a decade with a rotating lineup of band members. New addition Carol Catherine controls the wheel on “Invisible Friend,” an upbeat medley that unites percussion and piano with Catherine’s pop vocals. Stream “Invisible Friend” and check out the album’s tracklist below.

Tracklist For One Kiss Ends It All:
01. One Kiss
02. Invisible Friend
03. Empty Beach
04. Negative Space
05. New City
06. The Everpresent New Times Condition
07. Break In
08. Polar Bear
09. Are You Kissing Anyone?
10. Johnny
11. Sunglasses
12. Space Children