San Cisco – Photo by Nancy Hoang

New York City’s own Supercute! opened for San Cisco last night at Bowery Ballroom, and as their band name would have you assume, their performance was cute. The band, comprised of four teenage girls, came armed with their three-part harmonies and their ukuleles. Singing songs about best friends who double as flowers, and with track names like “Candy City,” Supercute! were a twee-full good time. While the transition between songs was awkwardly quiet, the girls tried their best to cover the silence with some crowd interaction, which seemed unnecessary as soon as they began playing.
Smallpools were up next, gleefully playing their first tour ever. Formed earlier this year, the newborn baby of a band was energetic and fun, causing the crowd to go into instant rave-mode. Smallpools have a keen eye for slick pop melodies and catchy lyrics, which made up for their overuse of the drum fill “ba dum tss” between songs. They introduced their cover of New Radicals classic, “You Get What You Give,” with a cheeky “You might know this song,” and as they began, the crowd went ballistic. It was like teenaged heaven.
While the two opening acts were entertaining, nothing could really sustain the crowd’s need for San Cisco. Merciless chanting for the band ensued almost immediately. It wasn’t until a lone beach ball appeared, bearing the San Cisco logo from Scarlett Stevens’ drum kit, that the rowdy bunch quieted and amused themselves for a little bit longer. Some people like to believe that the build up to the big reveal is just as good as the reveal itself. Well, those people are wrong. Waiting for San Cisco to take the stage was grueling; the tension in the air was thick, the crowd was restless, and I really wanted a chair to sit in.
The second San Cisco took to the stage, they began ripping into their indie-pop sweetness that was all too appreciated. The band had released their debut full length a few days prior and were still riding that wave of excitement. They opened with “Rocket Ship” with an intensity that left no room for witty banter or time to acknowledge the teen hecklers in the crowd (Ugh). San Cisco tore through their set, filled with old fan-favorites and new material. Set highlights included stunning performances of “Golden Revolver” and “Hunter,” which lead singer Jordi Davieson said he wrote after seeing the film The Deer Hunter. However, it wasn’t until San Cisco classic “Awkward” that things really took a turn for crazy. After Stevens said she felt a bit of the “giggles,” and needed help with her vocal parts, the crowd began to sing along, making the already intimate venue seem even smaller.
And what about that Daft Punk cover a while back? You know, the one where San Cisco cleverly mashed up summer smash “Get Lucky” with N.E.R.D.’s “Hypnotise U”? Well, of course the band wouldn’t end the night without playing that insta-classic! San Cisco left the stage for approximately 38 seconds only to come back to perform their cover to wild cheers from the crowd. These Aussies put together what looked like a completely effortless performance for a night of musical ecstasy.
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