Ryat Cameo, Ryat Live, Ryat CMJIf Ryat is the leader of Team Nerds, expect a surge in membership. At a show in Brooklyn, NY on June 10, Brainfeeder’s latest talent in the hot-girls-making-beats field, Ryat, raised a fist in the air to support said team, a club for the type of people capable of identifying time signatures at live performances. In fact, this was a challenge Ryat presented to her audience before her last song, which started with 7/4 breakbeats, transitioned into 6/2, and then… Oh, who can keep up?
Ryat perused the territory between fast-breaks DJ and intimate singer-songwriter throughout her performance at the Cameo Gallery, often times within the same song. Her selection for the night drew heavily from her pop-leaning debut album Avant Gold, but she also delivered live renditions of her recent Brainfeeder release, Totem. She opened her set with Totem’s lead track, “Windcurve,” and wailed the lyrics to “Howl” while composing the beats and keyboard melodies.
As the sole woman onstage, there are plenty of roles for Ryat to fill. She’s not the type to press play on Ableton and spend her energy lashing around stage, but she’s also not the type to focus solely on mixing and coaxing her audience into different energies with vibes and beats. Instead, she dallies from breakbeats, jungle cuts and a kind of sonic experimentation she called “playtime with noise” to crooning into the microphone the way musicians have done for decades before computers, Kaos pads and Ableton.