It can be hard to find a music store that simply sells music. Despite the oft-remarked upon vinyl resurgance, it’s still a bleak landscape for record stores for a variety of reasons: online retailers, digital piracy, unnecessary legal crackdowns, and the troubled global economy have made it tough for record stores all over the world. But the pair of Rough Trade record stores in London are still standing strong, and now they’re opening a new store here in New York.
Rough Trade NYC, Williamsburg is set to open in autumn this year. The store promises to be a haven for music lovers of all ages to discover, browse, debate and purchase music. This won’t be some tiny closet space either as the store will be bigger than its counterparts in London. The size issue is a good thing because Rough Trade NYC will also partner with New York concert behemoth Bowery Presents to feature live in-store performances, as well as operating at night as a live music venue.
“At long last, we can finally confirm the next bold step in our evolution” says Rough Trade’s co-owner, Stephen Godfroy, in a press release. “We’re extremely excited at the prospect of handing over the ‘blank canvas’, that is a Rough Trade store, to the music lovers of New York, allowing them make it their own culture agora, just as the people of London have so successfully achieved, with downturn-defying results.”
The opening of the store in New York also means the forthcoming arrival of a U.S. version of the Rough Trade online store, which will offer MP3 downloads, CDs and vinyl. Further details will be announced in the months to come. In the meantime, if you have about an hour to kill, get yourself acquainted with Rough Trade’s rich and turbulent past by watching part one of this fantastic BBC documentary about the history of the store and the label that emerged from it, below.